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Costs of Sharpening Your Band Saw Blades

Before purchasing a sharpener it is important to determine what the costs of having one or of not having one are.

The Sharp Rite Band Saw Sharpener has a few major advantages over other sharpening machines out on the market.

Most sharpeners require the removal of the band blade to be sharpened, when you add up the time to loosen, remove the blade and properly stow it the costs quickly grow. After the dull blade has been removed then the process is reversed. The costs of sharpening the blades do not end there.

With most blade sharpening machines either the blades will be packaged and sent away for sharpening or you will sharpen the blades yourself at some future time.

Wow, the costs of time and money are adding up fast.

While the costs of sending your blades away can quickly become more than 50% of the cost of purchasing a new blade and the profit you earn with your mill will dwindle.

Those who sharpen their own blades will often spend hours every evening sharpening the blades used in the daily sawing, taking away what little time they have after putting in long days sawing. Are there better things that you may be doing with your time?

Some people look forward to spending time with their family while others find that evenings are a great time to schedule their upcoming projects.

Sharp Rite Band Saw Sharpeners have the advantage of requiring the same amount of time that it would take to remove and replace a blade and the blade will cut true, no more concern for diving or climbing blades.

The Sharp Rite Band Saw Sharpener being semi automatic will ensure that you as the one who cares the most about your blades can guarantee that your blades will cut as good as new.

Sharp Rite Band Saw Sharpeners also should be adjusted to only “DRESS” the full profile of each tooth, this will enable you to get over 15 sharpenings per blade. Talking to many sawyers they comment that they are only getting 4-5 sharpenings per blade with their current sharpener which also adds to their costs of operating their mills.

When a sawyer looks at all the associated costs with sharpening their blades they quickly see that even at 5 times the cost of the Sharp Rite Band Saw Sharpener is a real bargain.

Take into account your time to replace blades, shipping and receiving, packaging, storing and the extra inventory the cost of each sharpening really climbs fast.

Why not start saving time and money today. You owe it to yourself, the opportunity to free up your evenings and reduce production costs today.


Due to manufacturing issues the product is no longer being manufactured or sold and there is no time line for when a solution will be found.